Translation Tuesday: The Chinese in Africa long to “celebrate New Year like migratory birds”

By Zander Rounds Author: Song Fangcan Translator: Zander Rounds Published on: 2/24/15 Source: China News Service Original text (in Chinese): What is it like for the Chinese living and working in Africa? This article about China’s “migratory birds” – the people that return home from abroad every holiday season – provides some insight into what it […]

Translation Tuesday: Chinese “Science Geek” Living in Guangzhou’s African Community for Authentic Photo Shoots

By Laiyin Yuan Author: He Weijie Translator: Laiyin Yuan Published on: 07/16/2014 Source: Yangcheng Evening News Original text (in Chinese): Born in the 1960s, Li Dong has many titles to be proud of, such as that of “science geek,” as he graduated from a prestigious university, served as a corporate senior executive, was a successful entrepreneur, […]

Translation Tuesday: Africa: China’s Second Continent

By Luwen Song, Laiyin Yuan, and Albert Zhu Author: Xing Wei Translator: Luwen Song, Laiyin Yuan, and Albert Zhu Published on: 08/04/2014 Source: Dongfang Daily Original text (in Chinese): After intermittent phone contact for several days, Howard W. French and Hao Shengli finally met. This scene could never happen a decade ago: an America journalist meeting with […]