Translation Tuesday: The Chinese in Africa long to “celebrate New Year like migratory birds”

By Zander Rounds Author: Song Fangcan Translator: Zander Rounds Published on: 2/24/15 Source: China News Service Original text (in Chinese): What is it like for the Chinese living and working in Africa? This article about China’s “migratory birds” – the people that return home from abroad every holiday season – provides some insight into what it […]

Translation Tuesday: Chinese enterprises aid the repair of a Kenya Country Road

By Joseph Webster Author: Dengyao Min Translator: Joseph Webster Published on: 10/27/2014 Source: Xinhua News Agency Original text (in Chinese):   China Road and Bridge Corporation is constructing a road in Kajiado County, Kenya. According to the article, 4,000 Kenyans have already been hired, and over 30,000 “local employees” will be employed in the project. It is […]