Translation Tuesday: The Chinese in Africa long to “celebrate New Year like migratory birds”

By Zander Rounds Author: Song Fangcan Translator: Zander Rounds Published on: 2/24/15 Source: China News Service Original text (in Chinese): What is it like for the Chinese living and working in Africa? This article about China’s “migratory birds” – the people that return home from abroad every holiday season – provides some insight into what it […]

Translation Tuesday: Chinese Medical Personnel in Africa: Unceasing Fights against Ebola during the Spring Festival

By Laiyin Yuan Author: Shao Siyi Translator: Laiyin Yuan Published on: 02/19/2015 Source: Chinese News Service (CNS) Original text (in Chinese): Do not forget those who who are working hard while we enjoyed ourselves celebrating Chinese New Year. A prosperous and auspicious Year of Sheep to Chinese medical personnel working in Africa! — Laiyin Yuan (Translator)  On February […]

Translation Tuesday: When stones strike the People’s Liberation Army in Mali until blood flows, they brandish bayonets in a show of force

By Zander Rounds Author: Qi Zhongxi, Fan Xi, Liu Shiping, Su Xiaozhou, Chu Xiaoliang, Yang Jian, Wu Hao Translator: Zander Rounds Published on: 2/2/15 Source: Original text (in Chinese): “It is our great honor to be able to receive your protection” – They bear the brunt as danger approaches As far as guard unit soldier […]

Translation Tuesday: Africa: You Probably Have a Number of Misconceptions about It

By Zander Rounds Author: Kong Shuyao Translator: Zander Rounds Published on: 12/21/2014 Source: Chengdu Business News Original Text (in Chinese): Addressing common misconceptions about Africa, Kong Shuyao draws on personal experience living in Lagos and engaging with locals, adding depth and nuance to conversations about Africa. While this piece was written for a Chinese audience, it […]

Translation Tuesday: Op-Ed: Don’t Forget Africa in Anti-Terrorism

By Laiyin Yuan Author: Chen Junxia Translator: Laiyin Yuan Published on: 01/14/2015 Source: Xinhua News Agency Original text (in Chinese): This op-ed points out the potential negative outcome of imbalanced media coverage regarding Africa’s anti-terrorism, but it seems to blame only developed countries without interrogating the responsibilities of other stakeholders. —- Laiyin Yuan (Translator) In the […]

Translation Tuesday: Soft Power: Chinese Family Dramas across Africa

By Joseph Webster Author: Jing Ya Translator: Joe Webster Published on: 12/07/2014 Source: Sina Weibo Entertainment Original text (in Chinese): The ability to attract and persuade, or what the political scientist Joseph Nye terms “soft power”, is a vital instrument of national power. The People’s Republic of China has an increasingly large commercial and trade presence in Africa, […]

Translation Tuesday: Guangzhou’s Public Security Bureau: Issues of Africans in Guangzhou are made to be bigger than they actually are; the crime rate of foreigners is not in fact high

By Zander Rounds The following article is an attempt to mediate some of misunderstandings about Africans among many of the Chinese people, probably to alleviate some of the tensions that have arisen as a result. The timing of this article is notable, as it was released back when the police in Guangzhou were beginning to crack down […]

Translation Tuesday: Chinese Civil Airport Construction Accelerating in Africa

By Laiyin Yuan Author: Qian Chunxian Translator: Laiyin Yuan Published on: 12/07/2014 Source: Xinhua News Agency Original text (in Chinese): There is a Chinese saying: “if you want to get rich, build roads first.” Now, roads can also refer to airways, which are becoming increasingly important in the overall economic development of African countries. Chinese companies […]

Translation Tuesday: Is China’s ideological influence in Africa good?

By Zander Rounds Translator: Zander Rounds Published on: 11/21/2014 Author: Tang Xiaoyang Source: Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy Original event:] The following Mandarin-language exchange between Tang Xiaoyang, a scholar of Africa-China economic relations, and an African audience member, occurred during the question and answer segment of “China-Africa Economic Cooperation in a Global Context,” which hosted by the Carnegie-Tsinghua […]

Translation Tuesday: Direct Flights Between China and Africa Spur the Development of Africa’s Tourism Industry

By Zander Rounds Translator: Zander Rounds Published on: 11/17/2014 Author: N/A Source: International Business Daily Original text (in Chinese via China Daily portal): By now, many Chinese industries have already entered the African market and gained positive momentum. Currently, China-Africa Cooperation is playing an increasingly important role in global economic development and Chinese-African investment and trade have already […]